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our mission
Here at The Playground Crew Studios, our mission is to create content to develop courageous leaders through physical education and team work.

The dictionary definition of courage as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.” Courageous leaders lead with principles — their True North — that guide them when pressure mounts. They don’t shirk bold actions because they fear failure. They don’t need external adulation, nor do they shrink from facing criticism.

Courage is neither an intellectual quality, nor can it be taught in the classroom. It can only be gained through multiple experiences involving personal risk-taking. Courage comes from the heart. 

Short Documentaries
Coach C - The Legend - A
This documentary is about the training and philosophy by Strength and Conditioning Coach C at Desert Vista High School. Coach C has produced hundreds of warriors from his programs. His training teaches principles of character over those of science based methods. Training the mind, body, and soul, allows a student to be complete as a warrior. Many students come back to thank Coach C, because what he teaches is more valuable than bench press advice, his philosophy has no price.
Coach C - The LegenD - B
This short film documents the last summer workout for the Desert Vista high school football team. These workouts took place over a long Arizona Summer, training everyday at noon in temperatures up to 120* degrees F. It feels as if you are training in an oven or sauna with the sun burning on your neck and back. Coach C specializes in helping people push past their and false beliefs. As someone who has experienced these workouts for a full summer, I can attest to the mental strength this has given me for the rest of my life. Coach C, The Ex- Secret Service Strength Coach who has turned boys into men for over a decade through his philosophy and demanding training style. Many people have came back to thank him for helping them get to the next level. Some athletes he trained are Super Bowl Winner Zack Miller, Devon Kennard of the Lions, JJ Dielman of the LA Rams and many more. 
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